"It is with great confidence that we endorse this fine group."

- Ann and Norman DuPre

Duke Development Company
1061 Pullman Circle
Greensboro, GA 30642


Our Business Heroes

We have been blessed to cross paths with so many great people but there are a few that truly stand out:

Mr. Joe Blount Small commercial renovation, large residential renovation
We enjoyed our relationship with Joe from the start. We completed a number of small commercial renovations for him soon after Duke Development was launched. One day Joe calls me to his office and tells me that he wants us to renovate this big house in Buckhead for him, and off we went. It was a big job and difficult at times but in the end he had a beautiful home that he was proud of. Joe has done so much for us and we are forever grateful.

Mr. Jerry Thompson Numerous Commercial Renovations, Large Residential Renovation
I built a restaurant for Jerry while working for another general contractor. After I started Duke Development, he called me about a new store he wanted us to build.
This led to a few more new stores, then seemingly countless commercial renovations including his main office. What really makes Jerry the greatest client we have ever had was a major renovation of his home. Jerry is tough, kind and fair – a combination we seek to emulate.

Rick Spitzmiller and Bob Norris Home Building and Home Renovations
While renovating Joe Blount’s house we met Rick and Bob and we can’t say enough about how good these guys are. They have been a constant for us and have been a major factor in our growth in the Buckhead area. The projects we build for them are stimulating and challenging and they have always been ideal partners to us. We can’t thank them enough.

Bill and Sally Wilson Commercial Construction
Bill and Sally are the sweetest couple in the world. We have built a number of Burger Kings for them over the years. Bill is supposed to be as mean as a snake but he’s really a gentle giant. Sally is a very shrewd persuasive businesswoman. It is so much fun working with them and we always look forward eagerly to the next opportunity we have to share our talents and time with them.

Chris Schoen Home Renovation
Chris is the salt of the earth and solid as a rock. He and his family have been such an inspiration to us and we appreciate his confidence.

Ben Jefferies Owner of Lake Oconee "Home of the Year"
One of the most unassuming men you will ever meet with a mind that works in ways beyond description.  His confidence is infectious and his graciousness unparalleled.